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I have thought so many times about to fact that there is really no difference between a puppy toy and infant toy and I’ve seen ones I really thought my son might like! So glad I’m not alone!

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Puppies and babies really aren’t that different… Just try to avoid the squeaky toys or you’ll never get any rest.

To be honest, Roland has commandeered most of our cat toys as well. One of them squeaks. I don’t know how to disable it, but it does allow me to keep an ear out for constructive play while I make lunch or whatever. I’ve never had a puppy wake me up every two hours, vomit on me, and poop on my dad, but small differences, right?

The library actually has a toy that I am 100% confident I’ve only seen sold in pet stores, which is what cemented my decision to buy him a puppy teething toy. 

He is totally in love with it. He chewed on it from when I brought it home until bedtime. Bonus: It’s 3rd party tested and heavy metal contaminate free, something that is actually a bit hard to say about some kid toys. Additionally, $10 cheaper than the same basic thing at toys’r’us.

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Holy crap those look like the blocks from my childhood!

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Duuuuuude these are the awesome blocks from kindergarten/elementary school! The ones in the store are so tiny and whimpy compared to these! Grandmas are the best!

These are, in fact, the very blocks that I played with all throughout my childhood. I’m not sure, but based on some small graffiti, I believe my mom & uncle also played with these blocks as kids.

Old toys are way better. Did you know you have to pay approximately a bajillion dollars to get metal tonka toys these days? I wish I knew where my old dump truck was. Then again, I beat the hell out of that thing repeatedly. I rode down the driveway in that tonka truck far more times than it was ever designed to do. 

When Roland gets old enough to want to build things, my mom has my old lincoln logs set aside too. My grandfather made them for me. 

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Happy Birthday! Show us your party dress!


I’d love to, but well. I’m usually the photographer around these parts. Jer tried, but I’m not putting a single one of those pictures on the interwebs.

Word picture (1,000 words or less!)- grey cotton tank dress with asymmetrical ruffle crossing from shoulder to just past midline, falling to ruched waist, then flowing down to just over the knee. I wore two petticoats with it, an oversized double strand of faux pearls, a small tiara, and an electric blue wool sweater.

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Oooh Dyson! Also, many if my favorite Moms seem to have birthdays close to mine. It’s meant to be! Mine is the 29th (I almost forgot lol) when is yours? I have not had a gathering or party for my bday since I was little, that will be nice!

the 30th!
I have a party as often as I possibly can. For any reason, really. Fancy dress for all of them, because someone has to be the person to give you a reason to wear that prom dress again. And even years that I don’t throw a party,  I still wear a tiara and have a nice day.

There’s so much in life to celebrate, why not party?

9 days is totally enough time to put together a party. Working in catering taught me that really, 5 hours is long enough to throw together a fairly extravagant party.

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I can’t tell you how wildly happy this makes me to see you had an awesome day.

Thank you! It’s always nice to know that the tumblrverse is cheering everybody on.

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Next time. We’ve already been charged for the vacuum, and really we got a great price. It’s just so hypothetical at the moment.

My facebook post to their page has yet more customer service reps scurrying to expedite my order. I ain’t ashamed of being a squeaky wheel to GET THE THING I ALREADY PAID FOR. As long as I’m super polite and document every single person I talk to and when I talk to them, I’m sure this situation will resolve itself quickly.

Until then, softcaressofhappiness, the broom. But we have two cats. The kid is covered in fur all the time (hurray, potentially less allergies later in life, boo, constantly covered in fur!)

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You get to take him to school with you? That’s pretty awesome!

It’s super awesome. I go to the one of the very, very few medical schools that supports students who breastfeed. There are two nursing rooms, and the lectures broadcast to either headphones or speakers (depending on how many mothers from different classes are in the rooms) and the slides come up on television. 5 of the classrooms are supported this way, so there can be a pretty fun mix of lectures going on. We can bring the kiddos until they’re 9 months old, so this is Ro’s last quarter of med school (unless he decides to go himself one day.)

That said, I can’t recall a single day of school where I haven’t seen at least one kid, of pretty much any age.

The policy is really nice. I’m sure that without being able to take Roland with me, we wouldn’t have the successful, exclusive breastfeeding relationship that we do. He’s 6 months next week and we’ve never had a problem on my side or his- no thrush, no pain, no slow growth, no sore nipples- just food for baby and weightloss for mama.

I can’t bring him to all my classes, of course.This quarter I’m leaving him at home for 3 lab classes (endometrial biopsies+ baby = no bueno) so I’ve started taking some milk uppers. Hopefully I can get about a 3-day supply stored up in the freezer. I only pump maybe once or twice a day, which covers one bottle a day- not really enough for any sort of midterms or emergencies.

the TL;DR- awesome school is awesome and helps secure lasting health benefits for the kiddos.

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Yayyyy!!! I’m on it! How’d you do it?

Some magical genius finally said “Hey, we should make an allow replies thing under secondary blog settings” and then it was so. MissingE has a screen shot of how to get it done.

SUPER STOKED. It’s like I get to be a real parent now.

thesoftcaressofhappiness said: Oh please share more on your parents method!!! I posted on baby temper tantrums a little bit ago too. I've noticed the baby will actually arch his back and attempt to flail out like an older child when he wants things he can't have or are not giving too him fast enough! I always thought tantrums were a learned behavior until now.

The magic:

-at eyerubs, place Ro in playpen or crib ON ABDOMEN. (I know it’s back to sleep, but he will NOT fall asleep like that. Since the tummy thing is more about suffocation risk/ babies sleep deeper on abdomen, and have a more difficult rousing selves which is most definitely not a problem Roland has, we’ve chosen to accept this risk.)

-Pat butt. Say Shh, it’s ok, time for nap/ nite nite.

-Leave the room.

-Check back every 2 minutes or so, occasionally butt-patting but STAYING OUT OF VIEW.

kiddo is out in 10 minutes or less. Compare and contrast the hour and forty or so that we were spending rocking him, walking with him, laying with him, ect during which he screamed his little head off everyday, I’d say that this modified CIO is the best thing that’s happened to us.

HOURS of my life back. HOURS. Which I am using for mama-naps and productive life. I made gluten free mini blackberry tarts today, and cleaned the kitchen afterwards. MINI TART HOURS. Also tumblr ask answering hours.

Yeah, I’m pretty sure babies have tantrums down naturally. Just like you don’t have to teach a kiddo how to be selfish.